Supermarket shelves

National approach to product improvement (NAPV)

The Dutch government has followed up on the earlier Product Composition Improvement Agreement. Since 2022, the new National Approach to Product Improvement (NAPV) has been in force.

Bread in store

New rules for bread

For the Dutch consumer, it must become clearer what kind of bread is actually on the shelf. The bread shelves will therefore look different in terms of names and labels.

marketing director pointing illustration

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As the person responsible for marketing (marketing director or manager) you want to keep track of all your brands. Who is doing what? How to divide the available budget between various channels in the right way so that a uniform brand image is conveyed in all expressions? How to keep the process from design to

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As a brand manager you watch over the consistency of your brand image. All communication and brand-related expressions should be uniform in terms of appearance, style, message and tone of voice. Your central question is always: “What do I have, and is this in line with the product and packaging line that is in place?”

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Recall; the efficient solution

As a food manufacturer or retailer you always do your utmost to prevent a recall. Yet, it can happen to the best of us. Whether it is about a production error, a wrong best-before date, or an error on a label, pack updates are a common occurrence nowadays. As a food manufacturer or retailer you

Confused guy working

Five ways to take over work fast

Summer at last! It’s holiday time! Wonderful for you, if you go on holiday, but it can be a real pain in the neck if you are the one who takes over a colleague’s work for a few weeks. It is not unthinkable that there has not been a transfer and that you have to

Sunflower oil on shelve

Shortage of raw materials requires rapid adjustment of packaging

Shortage of raw materials and significant price increases The food industry is struggling with scarcity and high prices of raw materials such as coffee, cereals, sugar and vegetable oils. Which makes the production of products with the usual raw materials increasingly complicated and has consequences for price agreements. Alternative sunflower oil on packagingDue to the war