A firmer grip on packing in retail with Artwork Connect

A firmer grip on packing in retail with Artwork Connect

Retail is a competitive and dynamic sector. This certainly applies to the product presentation and to retaining brand consistency across all channels and packs. Changes in major ranges are very common, and you do not want to get lost in a jumble of artworks and versions. Furthermore, a fast and cost-efficient process is crucial to stay ahead of the competition, in many cases with A-brands.
Artwork Connect gives you the possibility of collaborating from a single, central environment and on the basis of a scalable and flexible process.

Standing out and emanating brand consistency in a competitive market

In the retail channel, the pack of a product can be even more important than the product itself. The right impression of the pack and brand consistency, are therefore part of a successful marketing communication strategy. In the competition with A-brands, it is important that the consumer recognises your private label as a reliable and attractive alternative. If your pack does not catch the consumer’s eye, you may miss opportunities.
And then there is the pressure of having to complete a growing number of projects in a shorter time-to-market. Consumers are getting more demanding, so having a product innovation on the shelf sooner than the competitor really makes the difference. The constant flow of new products or changes in existing or promotional campaigns makes keeping track and having insight with respect to brand consistency even more of a challenge.

Artwork Connect: optimum speed, quality and brand consistency

“Met Artwork Connect kan Jumbo PL gestructureerd, schaalbaar en snel doorbouwen aan een consistente merkbeleving”, aldus Wim Junte, Manager Brand bij Jumbo.

Accelerate your time-to-market by up to 50%

All steps are part of a clear, well-structured and standardised process, which allows you to collaborate effortlessly and always keeps you up to date with the progress. Besides, the collaboration structure ensures that versions no longer disappear, and it rids you of long lists of emails about the same subject, saving you a lot of time.

Always make your project 100% complete

High-quality, complete data. Looking in twenty databases and browsing through dozens of versions are things of the past. From now on, you will find everything you need for your packaging and end product in a single structured environment.

Save more than 35% in packing costs

By working in a structured way from one environment, you save time and prevent corrections caused by miscommunication or things that are unclear. In addition, you are always in control of which pack is going into the production process, preventing errors that lead to costs of failure.

100% brand consistency throughout the chain

With Artwork Connect you have the certainty of always being recognisable and consistent in the brand image, both online and offline. You manage and provide access from a single source, which makes comparing statements easy. This means you will have the same results across all channels.

This is how Artwork Connect helps you

The bulk volume in retail requires a streamlined and safe process. In Artwork Connect, all data of physical packs and digital expressions (packshots) are kept in a secure, central location, and third-party access is based on clear roles and rights. Smart flows prevent many manual actions and an endless number of emails about the same subject. The result: less misunderstanding and unclarity, so that brand consistency can be safeguarded more easily.

Artwork Connect is about an unequivocal, user-friendly environment. Three clicks take you to the right spot, and you do not need any training to be able to get started by yourself. The environment and processes have a high degree of standardisation on the basis of best practices, and you can benefit from the flexibility of tailoring parts of the environment and process to the needs of your organisation. Artwork Connect is an open system, in which smart API links allow you to safeguard the ‘single source of truth’ in your organisation.

To a perfect end result in four steps

Artwork Connect consists of several steps to ensure you can get started fast and independently.

  • With Artwork Connect you are always in control in the dynamic world of retail

    Once Artwork Connect is up and running and set up properly, you can reap the rewards. Artwork Connect gives you the certainty of a scalable process solution that provides acceleration, reduction of costs of failure, and increased independence. It also helps you enhance brand cohesion between your packaging lines and sales channels and gives you the possibility of developing the perfect experience of your (retail) brand further.

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    Artwork Connect is the system for a firmer grip on the design-to-consumer chain

    The packing of your product is an important ambassador to your brand, both on the shelf and online. You must have the free possession of your data in order to be able to work fast and effectively. Your data is yours. Artwork Connect is the solution that puts you in control of your data and processes at every step, from idea to introduction.

    Speed up time-to-market by up to 50%
    Save more than 35% in packing costs
    Always make your project 100% complete
    100% brand consistency throughout the chain
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