How to get a firmer grip on packings as a private label

How to get a firmer grip on packings as a private label

As a private-label organisation you produce for brands. Although you are not in the lead for (brand) packing, you do have an important controlling job. You are responsible for the production process, and disruptions with respect to packaging immediately cause extra pressure on your production process. Artwork Connect helps you collaborate on packing in a faster, smarter and more efficient way.

Working on developing your own brand

Unlike many A-brand manufacturers, you as a private-label manufacturer often work for many different brands. This means automatically that you are dealing with a lot of different packs and projects. Checking new packs and delivery to your suppliers (such as printing houses) often takes place via multiple departments. Feedback and questions are often received in an unstructured way, and keeping track of and having insight into the situation is a challenge.
The checking process is often compromised by time pressure, and comparing and providing specific feedback is often difficult and time-consuming. Besides, accuracy is very important, as corrections are time-consuming and cost-increasing, especially when errors are detected after production. How can you ensure that feedback is collected via a streamlined process and that you can provide your customer with input in a timely way and correctly in your controlling role as a private-label party?
You also use the approved artworks in your production process. This means that you need insight and have to keep track of the packs that are being used. For instance, you want to be able to see at a glance which packs have a specific certificate or what impact a cutting die has that is changed because of adjustments to the production line. You also want to keep a grip on the packs your supplier uses for its printing process. Is this the latest version, and is the printed pack in conformity with the data that has been submitted? Switching suppliers? This can only be done quickly and easily, if you also have the data at your disposal which the new supplier needs.

Artwork Connect: optimum speed, quality and brand consistency

Accelerate your time-to-market by up to 50%

All steps are part of a clear, well-structured and standardised process, which allows you to collaborate effortlessly and always keeps you up to date with the progress. Besides, the collaboration structure ensures that versions no longer disappear, and it rids you of long lists of emails about the same subject, saving you a lot of time.

Always make your project 100% complete

High-quality, complete data. Looking in twenty databases and browsing through dozens of versions are things of the past. From now on, you will find everything you need for your packaging and end product in a single structured environment.

Save more than 35% in packing costs

By working in a structured way from one environment, you save time and prevent corrections caused by miscommunication or things that are unclear. In addition, you are always in control of which pack is going into the production process, preventing errors that lead to costs of failure.

100% brand consistency throughout the chain

With Artwork Connect you have the certainty of always being recognisable and consistent in the brand image, both online and offline. You manage and provide access from a single source, which makes comparing statements easy. This means you will have the same results across all channels.

This is how Artwork Connect helps you

With Artwork Connect, checking and distributing packing is a lot faster, because you keep and edit all data and assets in a single central environment. With the resulting improved overview you have 100% grip on the packs you use in the production process. As you are supported by handy features, the checking process is no longer a manual and time-consuming affair. It allows you to get complete and clear feedback faster, and it makes you your private-label customer’s proactive partner.

Artwork Connect also offers you the possibility of keeping and viewing packs in high resolution, so looking in folders and emails for the information and data you need are things of the past. Because you also manage and share editable data in Artwork Connect from a single environment, you have more grip and independence with respect to suppliers. Gone are the discussions about whether the delivery was in time and whether the error was already in the printed matter. Everything is easy to find via a safeguarded timeline.

Data and process security have top priority in Artwork Connect. After all, you want to prevent security leaks from causing major disruptions in the production process. On the basis of roles and rights you lay down exactly who can view and edit specific artworks. This means that packs are only released once everybody involved and the authorised employees are satisfied with the end result.

The result is worthwhile: a fine, visual image and an insightful structure for a short, dynamic chain.

“Due to Artwork Connect, we no longer have 40 emails about one inprint label”

– Frank Derksen, Purchasing Manager at Group of Butchers

– Frank Derksen, Purchasing Manager at Group of Butchers

To a perfect end result in four steps

Artwork Connect consists of several steps to ensure you can get started fast and independently.

  • Smooth processes, more speed and fewer errors

    If you get started with Artwork Connect, you can rely on a process that runs fast, completely, efficiently and securely, from design to roll-out, and with low costs of failure. The lead time and time-to-market get shorter, whereas you always have insight into the packs produced on your production lines. With automated, clearly structured workflows and handy tools you get rid of many manual and error-prone actions. As a result, you can act faster, better and more flexibly with customers and suppliers.

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    Artwork Connect is the system for a firmer grip on the design-to-consumer chain

    The packing of your product is an important ambassador to your brand, both on the shelf and online. You must have the free possession of your data in order to be able to work fast and effectively. Your data is yours. Artwork Connect is the solution that puts you in control of your data and processes at every step, from idea to introduction.

    Speed up time-to-market by up to 50%
    Save more than 35% in packing costs
    Always make your project 100% complete
    100% brand consistency throughout the chain
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