Keeping your data safe, that’s how Artwork Connect does it!

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Information security is an important issue. Data about customers and processes of course must be protected with the utmost care.

Everyone knows that a hack can cause enormous (financial and image) damage. Data is unreachable and processes come to a hold. How are you going to ensure that the packaging process does not come to a standstill?

We can write a very technical story but you may just want to know what Artwork Connect does to secure your data. Is your data well protected and can you always access it whenever you want? We’re going to explain that to you below.


You always want to have secure access to your data when you need it. That’s why you want your data to be stored securely.

The data in Artwork Connect is stored in a Cloud in Western Europe.

Cloud storage is much more secure than you probably think. You send your data over a secure connection to a data center (which is about as secure as Fort Knox). Multiple copies of your data are kept, and such data centers use the best antivirus software.

As a user, you can also do a lot yourself to handle your data safely.

Artwork Connect has standard testing of strong passwords, 2 Factor Authentication and personal login. As an organization, you can decide for yourself who you give access and what role you assign to them.

Does your organization use Single Sign-On (SSO)? Then you can connect Artwork Connect to this, so you can still work with 1 login.

As a software supplier, you will of course be tested whether your security protocol works as you say it does. Artwork Connect is therefore regularly subjected to a so-called PEN test. A test for vulnerabilities to see if the system can be broken into. The security guidelines we use meet the requirements for a secure development of the software.
And the certifications required for the right information security are carefully tested at the parties with whom Artwork Connect works together. Artwork Connect is also GDPR compliant. Compliance with the rules surrounding the General Data Protection Regulation.

In addition, with a Service Level Agreement contract, it is clear to both parties what you can expect from the service.


Because your data is stored in the Cloud, you can, in the event of a
malfunction / calamity, just keep working. There is a special backup procedure for this so that your data always remains accessible.

And if there are many colleagues working with the data at the same time, you do not want the system to be overloaded.

In addition, Artwork Connect offers the possibility to conclude a so-called Escrow agreement. Simply put, Artwork Connect gives the guarantee that when Artwork Connect as a company no longer provides services, you can have working software for a long time. Think of it as a good guarantee scheme.

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