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Packaging tells the story of your brand and product. Via packaging you communicate your brand vision and manage consumer expectations regarding your products. Packaging contributes to your customer’s experience. Therefore it’s an essential part of your brand communication.

The appearance of your products is not only of importance in actual stores. Nowadays online shopping is part of our lives and it’s here to stay. The number of consumers who shop online is still increasing. Consumer do not only use supermarket websites to order their products, but mainly to see what’s on sale, make a shopping list or to check information about the desired product.


For your online communication product images are an absolute must. An astonishing 93% of consumers indicates that the product image is essential for their final decision to purchase. A packshot can be made by photographing the actual product, making a 3D render or a combination of both photography and digital artwork. A product image needs to meet GS1 standards in order to be used by your desired sales platform.

Mobile Ready Hero Images

A quite new form of product images are the Mobile Ready Hero Images, or Hero’s for short. These are optimised Packshots for small screens, like mobile phones or tablets. Certain brand elements or product features might be enlarged to ensure visibility on a small screen. By removing some of the non essential extra elements you make sure a consumer can see which brand, product, flavour or what quantity it is.

Visibility on every platform

After Packshots and Hero Images are made you want the images to be visible online. It’s a shame if there’s an old version circulating or even a low quality image made by the sales platform itself. Artwork Connect can help you organise your available images. With AWC you always have the latest version at hand. It’s also easy to share data with the right people. There’s even a possibility to connect with other systems for sharing product images via API connections.

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