The traffic coordinator

The traffic coordinator

As a traffic coordinator you are the focal point with respect to projects concerning new packs or the change of existing packs. It is a challenge for you to complete expressions that fit in with the marketing formula chosen and to do this in a timely manner and within the budget. Unclarity or lack of insight will cause delay or bigger chances of error.

How to stay in control, save time, and prevent chaos? This is where Artwork Connect comes in: it is the connecting element that streamlines the packaging process, from the first design to online publication and final production.

Do you recognise these challenges?

Do you recognise these challenges?

As you work in and with multiple systems simultaneously, you miss the tools that help you keep track of the situation. Besides, the volume of packs for various products is huge. You have the creative responsibility for pack designs for 150 different kinds of bread spread, for instance.
You also have to cope with an unclear scope of projects or incomplete specifications and guidelines. A cutting die of a pack is missing, and you are also looking for an ingredient declaration. All these issues cause delays and make it difficult for you not to lose track.
Add to this the stress of colleagues with various interests and priorities. Everybody contacts you with their personal wishes and insights, and you are expected to convert all this – often conflicting – input into a consistent whole. You are the colleague who is interrupted while meeting an important deadline, because you have to forward this PDF file or that link, as your colleagues are not authorised to have this information.

Artwork Connect: optimum speed, quality and brand consistency

With Artwork Connect, Jumbo PL can build on a consistent brand experience in a structured, scalable and fast way”, says Wim Junte, Brand Manager at Jumbo.

Accelerate your time-to-market by up to 50%

All steps are part of a clear, well-structured and standardised process, which allows you to collaborate effortlessly and always keeps you up to date with the progress. Besides, the collaboration structure ensures that versions no longer disappear, and it rids you of long lists of emails about the same subject, saving you a lot of time.

Always make your project 100% complete

High-quality, complete data. Looking in twenty databases and browsing through dozens of versions are things of the past. From now on, you will find everything you need for your packaging and end product in a single structured environment.

Save more than 35% in packing costs

By working in a structured way from one environment, you save time and prevent corrections caused by miscommunication or things that are unclear. In addition, you are always in control of which pack is going into the production process, preventing errors that lead to costs of failure.

100% brand consistency throughout the chain

With Artwork Connect you have the certainty of always being recognisable and consistent in the brand image, both online and offline. You manage and provide access from a single source, which makes comparing statements easy. This means you will have the same results across all channels.

This is how Artwork Connect helps you

You collect information and input at a single central location. This adds to the clear organisation of a project and contributes to getting a clear overview of all specifications, guidelines and designs. By linking processes to timing, you keep track of the scope and progress of the project. Handy and efficient.

Via the process tool of Artwork Connect, you create a clear overview of tasks, which makes prioritising and planning activities easier. No more looking endlessly for the latest version of artwork or a pack; new versions are streamlined by perfect comparison tools. All feedback comes from one environment and one document. The lead time between the various steps of the creative process is reduced significantly, making the time-to-market of a pack shorter.
The increased independence of everybody who works on a pack, makes your life as a traffic coordinator easier. No barrage of questions from different quarters anymore!

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Artwork Connect is the system for a firmer grip on the design-to-consumer chain

The packing of your product is an important ambassador to your brand, both on the shelf and online. You must have the free possession of your data in order to be able to work fast and effectively. Your data is yours. Artwork Connect is the solution that puts you in control of your data and processes at every step, from idea to introduction.

Speed up time-to-market by up to 50%
Save more than 35% in packing costs
Always make your project 100% complete
100% brand consistency throughout the chain
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