The marketing director

The marketing director

As the person responsible for marketing you keep a close eye on trends and developments and on the resulting opportunities and threats for the brands you are responsible for. You know that medium-term success of your organisation and brands largely depends on agility and the strength of innovation in combination with a short time-to-market.

The ability of managing these challenges requires focus, commitment, and a scalable, robust process you can rely on. With Artwork Connect we meet these challenges and give you the tools to go about this successfully.

Do you recognise these challenges?

Do you recognise these challenges?

You are always looking for ways that contribute to further acceleration and a cost-efficient process, so that market introductions can be realised within the budget and according to plan. Of course, you want your organisation to be in control of the process, but you do not want to sacrifice quality to new working methods.

Keeping track of the situation and having insight into your brands is a challenge. Who is doing what, and how can you make sure that the political game in the organisation does not lead to unnecessary correction rounds and delays? How can you realise an efficient workflow and good integration between various applications and systems, so that your team can fully focus on the content rather than on the administrative process?

Artwork Connect: optimum speed, quality and brand consistency

With Artwork Connect, Jumbo PL can build on a consistent brand experience in a structured, scalable and fast way”, says Wim Junte, Brand Manager at Jumbo.

Accelerate your time-to-market by up to 50%

All steps are part of a clear, well-structured and standardised process, which allows you to collaborate effortlessly and always keeps you up to date with the progress. Besides, the collaboration structure ensures that versions no longer disappear, and it rids you of long lists of emails about the same subject, saving you a lot of time.

Always make your project 100% complete

High-quality, complete data. Looking in twenty databases and browsing through dozens of versions are things of the past. From now on, you will find everything you need for your packaging and end product in a single structured environment.

Save more than 35% in packing costs

By working in a structured way from one environment, you save time and prevent corrections caused by miscommunication or things that are unclear. In addition, you are always in control of which pack is going into the production process, preventing errors that lead to costs of failure.

100% brand consistency throughout the chain

With Artwork Connect you have the certainty of always being recognisable and consistent in the brand image, both online and offline. You manage and provide access from a single source, which makes comparing statements easy. This means you will have the same results across all channels.

We make life a lot easier

With Artwork Connect you cooperate centrally from a single source. The parties involved can easily see what has been created and provide feedback if asked to do so. You also send notifications to regular team members at the right moments and without any effort, whether or not via an automated flow.

Artwork Connect classifies and categorises all subjects and the related information and feedback. Categorisation and convenient search features help create a clear overview of various brands. Additionally, the process features exactly reveal what team members are doing and help you identify any bottlenecks quickly. Using clear reports, you coach your team to the best possible result.
The central communication and collaboration structure also prevents versions from vanishing into thin air. You easily cooperate with multiple people for the benefit of one and the same artwork or project, so a lot of correspondence by email about the same subject is no longer necessary. What is more, Artwork Connect uses API links for easy exchange of information with other applications, giving you the certainty that information flows are always up to date.

“With Artwork Connect, Jumbo Private Label can build further on consistent brand experience in a structured, scalable and quick way!”

Wim Junte, Brand Manager

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Artwork Connect is the system for a firmer grip on the design-to-consumer chain

The packing of your product is an important ambassador to your brand, both on the shelf and online. You must have the free possession of your data in order to be able to work fast and effectively. Your data is yours. Artwork Connect is the solution that puts you in control of your data and processes at every step, from idea to introduction.

Speed up time-to-market by up to 50%
Save more than 35% in packing costs
Always make your project 100% complete
100% brand consistency throughout the chain
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