The brand manager

The brand manager

Realising distinguishing and consistent brand expressions is a major aspect of your work. With a creative mindset and original ideas, you ensure that consumers feel committed to your brand. Packing is a major asset in the customer journey, and during its development you have to work by definition with various stakeholders and interests.

So how can you ensure that you depend less on the commitment and speed of various stakeholders in the process? Artwork Connect is the connecting element that streamlines the packaging process, from the first design to online publication and final production.

Do you recognise these challenges?

Do you recognise these challenges?

You currently spend too much time and attention on comparing designs, weighing digital sources, and conducting briefings to various colleagues. Retaining brand consistency in all of this is a big challenge. With the huge amount of communication, small errors are sometimes overlooked.

Additionally, competition is stiff, so your innovations and new products should be on the shelf quickly. Speed is of the essence here, but it is also full of risks: every detail has to be right, because any deviation in the product image or an error in the declaration immediately leads to delays and cost increases.

The various interests and agendas put extra pressure on your project, and keeping track of the planning and remaining within the budget is difficult. Process steps, approvals and feedback rounds sometimes take too long. Or worse still: sometimes you receive informal approval only to be withdrawn later on, or new input is suddenly submitted that has to be processed.

Artwork Connect: optimum speed, quality and brand consistency

Artwork Connect is the system for a firmer grip on the design-to-consumer chain.

Accelerate your time-to-market by up to 50%

All steps are part of a clear, well-structured and standardised process, which allows you to collaborate effortlessly and always keeps you up to date with the progress. Besides, the collaboration structure ensures that versions no longer disappear, and it rids you of long lists of emails about the same subject, saving you a lot of time.

Always make your project 100% complete

High-quality, complete data. Looking in twenty databases and browsing through dozens of versions are things of the past. From now on, you will find everything you need for your packaging and end product in a single structured environment.

Save more than 35% in packing costs

By working in a structured way from one environment, you save time and prevent corrections caused by miscommunication or things that are unclear. In addition, you are always in control of which pack is going into the production process, preventing errors that lead to costs of failure.

100% brand consistency throughout the chain

With Artwork Connect you have the certainty of always being recognisable and consistent in the brand image, both online and offline. You manage and provide access from a single source, which makes comparing statements easy. This means you will have the same results across all channels.

This is how Artwork Connect helps you

From now on, you can add structure to the entire process, from design to actual production and distribution of the pack in a single system. The application shows the next step in the process and logs all activities, so that you as a brand manager know what you can expect. An overview of actions helps monitoring all on-going processes. You can also create automated flows which take a lot of work off your hands.

You simply compare the designs and can see directly how the feedback has been processed. This allows you to see if the brand makes an optimum and uniform impression. Additionally, versions are managed in Artwork Connect, so you can be sure that changes are always made to the latest file. This structure makes keeping brand consistency across multiple channels easy.

In the traditional process, you would get a different result with every printing office or via every online channel. If you use Artwork Connect, you will have the certainty of a uniform end product. In other words, you are always in control when it comes to physical pack expressions or digital packshots. With Artwork Connect you enhance brand consistency across all channels (online and in the shop), because you manage everything from the source and provide access to it in a controlled way.

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Artwork Connect is the system for a firmer grip on the design-to-consumer chain

The packing of your product is an important ambassador to your brand, both on the shelf and online. You must have the free possession of your data in order to be able to work fast and effectively. Your data is yours. Artwork Connect is the solution that puts you in control of your data and processes at every step, from idea to introduction.

Speed up time-to-market by up to 50%
Save more than 35% in packing costs
Always make your project 100% complete
100% brand consistency throughout the chain
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