Five ways to take over work fast

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Summer at last! It’s holiday time! Wonderful for you, if you go on holiday, but it can be a real pain in the neck if you are the one who takes over a colleague’s work for a few weeks. It is not unthinkable that there has not been a transfer and that you have to be looking in various mailboxes for the latest status of a project for weeks. Not a nice prospect for summer! 

Taking over from a colleague should be easy. You want to be informed quickly about current projects and about outstanding tasks or tasks to be followed up on. A brief transfer before somebody goes on holiday is great but does not always suffice. 

How can you make sure as a team that no time is lost in summer because of somebody’s absence?

1. Process

By allocating processes to artworks via Artwork Connect, you can keep track of the progress that has been made and the tasks that still need to be done. During your colleague’s holiday, you can monitor the project status via the process.

2. Actions

Actions show which tasks are still outstanding, who is taking care of them, and what the deadline is. With every artwork you can see the actions, and via the action overview you can filter by a colleague’s outstanding actions. In this way, you quickly know what is going on and which actions you may have to perform yourself.

3. Managing you own data

With Artwork Connect you are in control of your own data. Every artwork has its specific metadata and files. You can manage the artwork at all times. For instance, you have access to the printing data to submit them to a printing office, or you can send the new packshots to online platforms. This prevents you from having to look for – possibly obsolete – files in mailboxes, or worse: on the computer of your colleague who has just left for three weeks.

4. Finding changes via the timeline

With every artwork, you can also see which actions have been performed, by whom and when, for instance when somebody has uploaded something, adjusted files or changed metadata. This comes in handy if you want to see what was done during your absence or what was not done. 

5. Detailed search via the search feature

Artwork Connect offers the possibility of performing searches in your own artwork data fast and efficiently. Enter what you are looking for in the search bar, and the system (like Google) will show the best results. Via the artwork preview, you can see what you need.

These five tips for cooperation via AWC will make your life easier during your colleague’s holiday and will give you an easy conscience when it is your turn to go on holiday.

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