Don’t forget the logo!

Logo on packaging blog

A package has certain fixed parts. The product name, brand name, any images and legal information are fixed when designing packaging. Nowadays, all kinds of logos are also added. For example, Beter Leven Keurmerk, Weidemelk logo and nowadays we often see the Nutri-Score appear.

Adjusting packaging

Placing a logo involves more than just cutting/ pasting. Each logo has its own guidelines that it must meet and sometimes this even has to be inspected by the organization of the logo or quality mark.

A logo or quality mark takes up space on the packaging, in most cases on the front. In addition, certain colors often have to be used. Is there room to use more colors? What to do if the number of colors of the design comes under pressure?

With new packaging, the logo in question can immediately be included in the design. Only when changing a packaging does it become more complicated. It may be that space needs to be made in the design, to get the logo in the right place. Of course, you want important elements, such as brand name or flavour, not to disappear behind the logo. In addition, you have not taken into account the extra colours of the logo in the existing design. For example, with the Nutri-Score, there may be 3 colours extra.

Work more efficient with Artwork Connect

With adjustment of packaging you go through a predetermined process. First it must be clear which adjustments need to be made and on which artwork(s). After that, it must be carried out, checked and finally it has to be printed.

With the smart functions in Artwork Connect, you ensure that adjusting packaging is easier and faster than before. This way you can instruct someone to place the logo. Via Artwork Connect it is easy to monitor the progress of the process, compare versions of the artwork and ask for approval from the right people. After that, you have saved the latest version for a next change.

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