Packaging waste

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for packaging

Some consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the footprint of their food. This includes the impact on the environment and climate, but also the impact on their own health. They’ve higher demands on the way food is produced. This also applies to packaging.


Consumer trends in food retail are causing changes

Consumer demand in the food retail sector has changed significantly in recent years. Instead of just paying attention to the price and quality of food products, consumers are now more interested in aspects such as sustainability, health and convenience.


What happens if you can’t access your data anymore?

You have an artwork management tool but you can no longer access your data. This means quite a bit. Whatever the cause. A technical failure, loss of data, theft or bankruptcy of the software supplier. The consequences can range from inconvenience and loss of productivity to financial and reputational damage.

mistakes to avoid

The most common mistakes on consumer packaging and how to avoid them

We all know that packaging is one of the most important components of your product. Packaging not only protects the product during transport and storage. It’s also the perfect place to show off your brand to the consumer. Besides branding, the information on the packaging is also bound to legal requirements. Unfortunately, it may occur


Increasing responsibility for production in the food chain

Companies in the food sector are more often asked to guarantee that their products are made in a socially and environmentally friendly way.


Recap 2022

It's the time of year again to look back on what happened.

Blog image packshots

Improve your visibility online

Packaging tells the story of your brand and product. In-store and Online. For your online communication product images are an absolute must have.

blog image data safety

Keeping your data safe, that’s how Artwork Connect does it!

Information security is an important issue. Data about customers and processes of course must be protected with the utmost care.

Logo on packaging blog

Don’t forget the logo!

Placing a logo or quality mark is easy, right? Your current artwork might have to change a bit. It may be more difficult than you think.