With Artwork Connect you are always in control.

In a landscape of fast moving (food & non-food) consumer goods, more and more companies feel the urgency of realising the proper packing expressions fast via a scalable process. We are convinced that this will only be possible if you are in control of your own brand and packing and the image these create. This is what Artwork Connect is all about.

Artwork Connect powered by Volkers

Artwork Connect is a Volkers initiative and has been developed by Volkers, a family business that has been active in the packaging world since 1925 as a Design-to-Consumer (D2C) specialist. Together with our customers we translate ambition into actual results with respect to brands and packing. In the process, we think on the basis of generations and continuity, and we always ask ourselves: what can our policy of today add to the world of tomorrow?
With over 17 million artworks under our management and with users all across Europe and Asia, Artwork Connect is rapidly realising its ambition to play a dominant role in the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) sector by successfully managing the Design-to-Consumer (D2C) process for online and offline brand expressions.

Our core values

Collaborating closely with colleagues and customers, communicating transparently, thinking one step ahead, challenging and developing each other and yourself. Trusting each other as a team, getting freedom and taking responsibility, and always going for the best result together.


(noun; plural: units) group of people who make up a team together.


(adjective) feeling personally responsible for something.


(excelled, has excelled) be exceptionally good at something; excel oneself: doing better than ever before.

This is what we consider important

  • Keeping control of your own data
  • Leaving it to you whom you work with and at which moment
  • User-friendly, reliable and safe environment
  • Working with customers on innovative and scalable solutions

As a close family business we think in terms of generations and continuity. In short: what can our policy of today add to the world of tomorrow? We also focus on what we can do with the help of innovation and sustainability, by automating, digitising and accelerating the packaging process further to minimise the costs of failure in the chain.

The people of Artwork Connect

Since Artwork Connect is part of a close family business, you work with enthusiastic colleagues from various disciplines. They are all committed to achieve the best result and very proud of the customers they work for. Our customers describe us as down to earth, flexible, refreshing and trustworthy. A dream team, wouldn’t you agree?